Get the facts

Away from Stage Sessions is an online video format for classical chamber music and solo repertoire that is produced and presented in modern and uncon­ventional ways. The sessions do not take place on a concert hall stage, far from it, as locations range from the coffeeshop around the corner to an antique swimming pool. Neither audio nor video tracks are cut in any way, allowing for a dramaturgic experience of the music.

Feel the spirit

Performances of so ­called “serious music” tend to be stuck in a frame of conventions, characterized by an omnipresent sobriety and perfectionism that create a distance to the audience. “Serious music” therefore needs to be pulled out of the concert hall setting. Our aim is to convey the musicians’ humanity and emotion in their acoustical and visual performance. Through new settings and atmospheres, we break with the conservativism in classical music and lay the ground for new definitions.